This page outlines recent research activities and performance for the Macquarie University Department of Educational Studies. For a full list of publications please refer to my Google Scholar page at

  • Lead Guest Editor for a BJET special section on Immersive Virtual Reality in Education
  • Bower, M. (2019). Advancing Education using Augmented and Virtual Reality. Nanyang Technological University and Eon Reality Future of Education Global Summit, Singapore, 25April 2019)
  • Bower, M., & Vlachopoulos, P. (2018). A critical analysis of technology‐enhanced learning design frameworks. British Journal of Educational Technology, 49(6), 981-997. [IF=2.729, Scimago SJR Q1]
  • Nguyen, G. N. H., & Bower, M. (2018). Novice teacher technology‐enhanced learning design practices: The case of the silent pedagogy. British Journal of Educational Technology, 49(6), 1027-1043. [IF=2.729, Scimago SJR Q1]
  • Boom, K.-D., Bower, M., Arguel, A., Siemon, J., & Scholkmann, A. (2018). Relationship between computational thinking and a measure of intelligence as a general problem-solving ability. In Proceedings of the 23rd Annual ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education pp. 206-211 [Highest ranked computer science education conference series with WebOfScience Impact Factor of 0.853]
  • Bower, M., Stevenson, M., Falloon, G., Forbes, A., & Hatzigianni, M. (2018). High impact learning and teaching using 3D design and 3D printing in primary school makerspaces. Paper presented at the ImpaCT – Australian Council for Computers and Education Annual Conference 2018, Sydney.
  • Bower, M., Stevenson, M., Falloon, G., Forbes, A., & Hatzigianni, M. (2018). Makerspaces in primary school settings – Advancing 21st Century and STEM capabilities using 3D Design and 3D Printing. Available at:
  • My article “What are the affordances of wearable technologies?” formed the basis for an article in a French journal:
    Arguel, A. (2018). Quelle place pour les technologies mettables à l’école ? [What usage for wearable technologies in the classroom?]. Agence des usages des TICE, Centre National de Documentation Pédagogique. Available at:
  • Book review: Bower, M. (2018). Teaching as a Design Science – Building pedagogical patterns for learning and technology, by Diana Laurillard. Fuentes Journal, 20 (1), 89-90.
  • Published Book: Bower, M. (2017). Design of technology-enhanced learning – Integrating research and practice. Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishing Group.
  • Paper Bower, M., Wood, L. N., Lai, J., Howe, C., Lister, R., Mason, R., Highfield, K., & Veal, J. (2017). Improving the computational thinking pedagogical capabilities of school teachers Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 42(3), 53-72. doi:
  • Paper “Design and Implementation Factors in Blended Synchronous Learning Environments: Outcomes from a Cross-case Analysis.” was placed third in the Association of Educational Communications and Technology Division of Distance Learning Journal Article Award (November 2017).

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