Learning & Teaching

This page outlines my teaching and learning contributions as a technology educator at Macquarie University’s Department of Educational Studies.

  • Winner of a 2020 Australian Award for University Teaching – Teaching Excellence: https://www.mq.edu.au/thisweek/2021/02/24/inspiring-passionate-innovative-national-teaching-awards-for-three-macquarie-staff/
  • Invited speaker at the Macquarie PVC Educating for Success symposium 6th February 2020 on the topic “Enhancing learning and teaching using Augmented Reality” https://teche.mq.edu.au/2020/02/augmented-and-virtual-reality/
  • Winner of the 2019 Macquarie University Vice Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence
  • Prepared and recorded Digital Technologies lecture and questions for EDUC359 – “Frontiers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education” in Session 2.
  • Recipient of the Faculty of Human Sciences Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence, June 2019.
  • Supervisor for Angie Taylor and Bronwen Wade Leewin for EDUC806 project units, 2019.
  • Supervisor Joshua Kernick for project units in EDCN804 and EDCN806, 2018.
  • Winner, 2010 ALTC Citation for outstanding contribution to student learning.
  • Finalist, 2010 Unijobs Lecturer of the Year
  • Highest number of Teaching Index Points of any academic in the Faculty of Human Sciences for 2009 publications (25)
  • Winner, 2009 Macquarie University award for innovative application of interactive whiteboards.
  • Awarded 18 Teaching Index points for the Department of Education (the most in the Department) based on 2008 publications, which resulted in nearly $11K being awarded to the Department from the Government.
  • National Finalist in the 2008 Uni-jobs Lecturer of the Year Award (ref http://www.lectureroftheyear.com.au/winners_list_2008.php )
  • Convened and taught “TEP284 – Computers and Education” in 2008 Semester 2 to an exemplary standard (average LEU score of 4.2, average LET score of 4.7)
  • Convened and taught “EDUC261 – Information and Communication Technologies and Education” in 2008 Semester 2 to an exemplary standard (average LEU score of 4.0, average LET score of 4.6)
  • Convened “TEP439 – ICT in the Secondary School I” in 2008 Semester 2
  • Tutored “TEP295 – Curriculum and Instruction in the Secondary School” in 2009 Semester 1 (average LET score 4.4)
  • (the innovative and pertinent nature of these projects along with the quality of work being produced means that each of these projects has the potential to result in publication).
  • Performed doctoral supervision including:
    • Maximillian Wittmann (computing): on the topic “Pedagogical innovation in computer graphics education”
    • John Kinniburgh (about to commence but some supervision already provided): on the topic “The development of critical thinking skills using Geographical Information Systems”
    • Stuart Rushton
  • Supervised five Masters students on their projects:
    • Edwina Neyland: “Investigating the issues surrounding the implementation of online learning tools in NSW DET Schools”
    • Alex Chan: “The advantages of utilising online multimedia technology in conjunction with problem based learning pedagogy in the healthcare industry”
    • Kartik Modi (computing): “Web-based program compilation on Moodle”
    • Qingqing Hao: “The meaning of multi-culture in designing effective online learning environments”
    • Helen Farley: “Moving in 3D: the X, Y, Z of learning through doing in immersive, virtual environments”
  • Was awarded a $5000 MUETG that funded the creation of a Moodle module that allows groups of EDUC261 students to develop their own online courses (enabling them to put their theory into practice and develop contemporary technological skills for the workforce). Note that the educational outcomes of this project provide a solid foundation for research publication.
  • Currently teaching EDUC261 and Convening ACES865.
  • Provide guest lectures in other subjects as required (TEP295, TEP282, TEP283, EDUC106)
  • Intermittently present at University Learning and Teaching Interest Groups
    • Learning and Teaching Centre Interactive Whiteboard Seminar (March 2010)
    • Department of Education presentation “Technology-based learning research: frameworks and opportunities” (September 09)
    • Learning and Teaching Week Faculty of Human Sciences presentation “Developing Education Students’ Learning Design Capabilities Using Moodle” (September 09)
    • Faculty of Business and Economics Learning and Teaching Research Group presentation “Researching Learning and Teaching in a Web Conferencing Environment” (March 09)
    • Centre for Research in Mathematics and Science Education presentation on “the effect of online feedback upon high school mathematics students” (October 08)
    • Foundations in Learning and Teaching presentation on “Introduction to Web 2.0 technologies in learning and teaching” (July 10)

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