This page outlines my keynote and invited speaker presentations (external only).

Keynotes/plenaries for research conferences

  • Bower, M. (2018, October). Design of technology-enhanced learning – Integrating research and practice. Association for Educational Communications and Technology Annual Conference, Kansas City. (invited speaker)
  • Bower, M. (2018, February). Scholarly Technology-Enhanced Learning in Practice – What it means and how to do it. Scholarship of Technology-Enhanced Learning conference, Auckland, New Zealand. (keynote presentation)
  • Bower, M. (2015, October). Uniting remote and face-to-face learners in real-time learning experiences – A coherent framework for design. Collaboration for Online Higher Education Research (COHERE) Annual Conference, Canada. (keynote presentation)
  • Bower, M. (2013, October). Looking glass into the future: Why Augmented Reality will make the World Wide Web seem like a rounding error. International Council of Educational Media Annual Conference, Singapore. (keynote presentation)
  • Bower, M. (2012, September). Blended synchronous learning – Current themes and future directions. International Council of Educational Media Annual Conference 2012, Nicosia, Cyprus. (invited speaker)

Keynotes/plenaries for (external) Higher Education institutions/bodies

  • Bower, M. (2020, November). Exploring mixed mode teaching delivery. University of Technology Sydney Cross Institutional Symposium. (invited speaker)
  • Bower, M. (2020, September). Sharing lessons in educational technology: what can schools and universities learn from each other? Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE) TELedvisor symposium, 24 September 2020, Sydney. (invited speaker)
  • Bower, M. (2020, September). Blended Synchronous Learning at the University of Bologna. Symposium to support entire university to transition to Blended Synchronous Learning, 16th September 2020, Bologna, Italy. (invited speaker to 220 academics)
  • Bower, M. (2018, November). Transitioning towards authentic assessment pedagogy. Inaugural international eExam symposium, Melbourne. (invited speaker)
  • Bower, M. (2018, April). Digital Technologies and Pre-Service Teacher Education. Australian Council of Deans of ICT (L&T) annual symposium. Sydney (invited speaker)
  • Bower, M. (2017, November). Design of technology-enhanced learning – Integrating research and practice. Learning Design Cooperative Interest Network symposium, London. (invited speaker)
  • Bower, M. (2017, November). Designing for future learning. Curtin University Festival of Learning, Perth. (keynote presentation)
  • Bower, M. (2015, December). Designing a career as an educational researcher. NSW Institute for Educational Research Conference, Sydney. (keynote presentation)
  • Bower, M. (2015, November). Engaging remote and face-to-face students using blended synchronous learning. Canadian Teaching With Technology Group symposium, Canada. (keynote presentation)
  • Bower, M. (2014, July). Augmented reality and adult learning. Singaporean Institute of Adult Learning Symposium, Singapore. (keynote presentation)
  • Bower, M. (2013, February). Towards flexible delivery of online learning. University of Tasmania, Hobart. (invited speaker presentation and seminar leader for a full day workshop)
  • Bower, M. (2012, October). Research and development in online synchronous learning. University of Sydney Centre for Collaborative and Cooperative Learning (CoCo) Symposium, Sydney. (invited speaker)
  • Bower, M. (2012, September). MOOCs in Higher Education. Office of Learning and Teaching Standards and Quality in Online Education Symposium, Sydney (invited speaker)
  • Bower, M. (2011, September). A framework for Web 2.0 learning design in schools. University of Nicosia symposium, Nicosia, Cyprus. (invited speaker)
  • Bower, M. (2011, September). Integrating educational technology into learning, teaching and research. Centre for Advanced Research and Development in Educational Technology, Cyprus. (invited speaker)
  • Bower, M. (2011, August). Technology enhanced learning, teaching and research. University of London Institute of Education London Knowledge Lab (invited speaker)
  • Bower, M. (2011, June). Successful approaches to leading project implementation. Teaching Teachers of the Future National Support Network meeting, Melbourne (invited speaker)
  • Bower, M. (2011, June). Developing pre-service teacher’s communication competence using an online video reflection system. Annual Conference of the NSW Teacher Education Council (Invited speaker presentation)

Keynotes/plenaries for corporate/government/professional bodies

  • Bower, M. (2019, December). Technology Teacher Shortages – Issues and considerations. Google Educator Summit, Sydney. (invited speaker)
  • Bower, M. (2019, April). How are AR and VR changing the future of classroom content? Nanyang Technology University and EON Reality Future of Education Global Summit, Singapore. (keynote)
  • Bower, M. (2019, March). Digital Technologies and Technology Integration – Research and Perspectives. ICT Educators NSW (ICTENSW) Annual Conference, Sydney. (keynote)
  • Bower, M. (2018, May). The potential of emerging augmented reality technologies for education. Teacher Librarian Professional Learning Community Annual Conference, Sydney. (keynote)
  • Bower, M. (2016, August). Approaches to teaching ICT in Initial Teacher Education. NSW Board of Studies & Teacher Education Standards expert panel session, Sydney. (invited speaker)
  • Bower, M. (2015, May). Augmented reality – The new revolution in learning and teaching? NSW Library Teacher Librarian Symposium, Sydney. (keynote presentation)
  • Bower, M. (2015, March). Augmenting our educational future using ICT. ICT Educators NSW annual conference, Sydney. (keynote presentation)
  • Bower, M. (2014, September). Designing for future learning – A focus on Augmented Reality. Association of Independent Schools of NSW Technology Integrators conference, Sydney. (keynote presentation)
  • Bower, M. (2014, July). Leveraging the third dimension: Augmented Reality and education. Museums and Galleries of NSW Exploring 3D technologies in museums, galleries and learning and teaching symposium, Sydney. (invited speaker)
  • Bower, M. (2012, August). Use of media-rich real-time collaboration tools to unite students – current practices and future directions. Blended Learning conference, Sydney. (Invited speaker presentation)
  • Bower, M. (2012, June). Promoting intellectual quality in socially networked learning. Social Media in Higher Education conference, Sydney. (Invited speaker presentation)

Keynotes/plenaries for schools/colleges

  • Bower, M. (2020, April). Adopting an evidence-based approach to online learning. The Kings School Professional Learning symposium, Sydney (keynote)
  • Bower, M. (2020, April). Making the rapid transition to online learning in response to COVID-19. Carlingford West Public School Professional Learning symposium, Sydney (keynote)
  • Bower, M. (2018, May). Makerspaces in K-2 classrooms – Research outcomes. Parramatta-Blacktown Primary Principals Conference, Sydney. (invited speaker)
  • Bower, M. (2017, June). Design of technology-enhanced learning – Research foundations. Academic Colleges Group Symposium, Auckland. (keynote presentation)
  • Bower, M. (2015, July). Leading and learning – Engaging the disengaged using technology. Toongabbie Learning Community Professional Learning Symposium. (keynote presentation and symposium leader)
  • Bower, M. (2015, June). What is computational thinking? Professional Excellence & Innovation Centre symposium, Port Macquarie. (keynote presentation)
  • Bower, M. (2012, November). Issues and themes in language teaching using technology. Insearch (UTS) Teacher Professional Development Symposium, Sydney. (Keynote presentation)