This page is dedicated to sharing recent community engagement and leadership activities.

  • Invited Panelist for the Transforming Assessment Australian University Teaching Award winners panel exploring online assessment, 9th June 2021 http://transformingassessment.com/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=152
  • Invited presenter for Macquarie University School of Education seminar on Blended Synchronous Learning, 11th February 2020
  • Invited panelist for the 2020 (Re)visioning Education for the Future Trendsetter Panel for the Macquarie Academy of Continuing Professional Development in Education, 20 October 2020.
  • Expert commentary in 2020 article “Mobile phone ban in schools – will it help or hinder students?”, Independent Education, 50(2), pp. 18-19.
  • One of three national experts invited to input into the ACARA expert review of the ICT General Capability
  • The The 2020 Typology of Free Web-based Learning Technologies was published on the Australian Digital Education Research Network website and promoted in their June newsletter: https://dern.acer.org/dern/ict-research/page/typology-of-free-web-based-learning-technologies
  • The 2020 Typology of Free Web-based Learning Technologies was published on the MQ Teche blog, with a webinar held on 23rd of June 2020: https://teche.mq.edu.au/2020/06/2020-typology-of-free-web-based-learning-technologies
  • The 2020 Typology of Free Web-based Learning Technologies published on the TEQSA website: https://www.teqsa.gov.au/getting-started-best-practice-establishing-online-learning
  • Ran University-wide webinars to help people transition from F2F to online teaching during COVID-19 for over 170 staff: https://teche.mq.edu.au/2020/03/webinar-making-the-rapid-transition-to-online-learning/
  • Part of a select group of 7 people selected to be part of the PVC COVID19 Critical Response team, including the CIO & L&T manager, to develop a strategic response for how to respond to COVID19 in case of Campus shutdown (led the design of protocols for tracking and governance of unit changes)
  • Organise professional learning for staff and students with relation to digital literacies (Prowise & Microsoft Suite) (March 2020)
  • Part of the 2020 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies conference committee.
  • Chair of the Faculty of Arts E-Research Committee (February 2020).
  • Invited presentation at the PVC L&T Educating for Success Symposium (10th February 2020) on the topic Augmented Reality in Education
  • Led micro-credentialing pilot in EDUC865, providing a proof of concept for micro-scholar offerings on behalf of the University (Session 2, 2019).
  • Led the inaugural Australian Technologies Teacher Educators Network symposium and the ACARA Head Office with 45 attendees (9 December, 2019)
  • Invited Speaker at the Google Educator Summit (3rd December 2019) on the topic “Technology Teacher Shortages – Issues and considerations”
  • Formed the Australian Technologies Teacher Educator Network, consisting of 73 academics from around Australia that are responsible for teaching the Australian Technologies Curriculum and associated pedagogies to pre-service teachers.
  • Invited panelist for DoES Trendsetter event (29 October 2019): http://events.mq.edu.au/events/2019-trendsetter-panel-and-alumni-reception-/event-summary-f1c0be4772b845ab9a072b0384185358.aspx
  • Featured in the Macquarie Matters Alumni article September 2019: https://www.mq.edu.au/macquariematters/setting-trends-in-education-technology-in-the-classroom-and-how-to-teach-thinking-about-thinking/
  • One of ten international experts to be interviewed for the NSW Department of Education “Education for a Changing World” podcast series (30 August 2019)
  • Member of MQ Academic Senate since August 2019
  • Represented ACDE at the ACARA Technologies Forum (28th June 2019)
  • Presented at a DoES Colloquium on the topic “Partner-funded research with companies and Government agencies” (11th June 2019)
  • Published on the British Educational Research Association blog (7th June 2019) https://www.bera.ac.uk/blog/technology-mediated-learning-theory-a-holistic-and-field-specific-referent-for-the-analysis-of-technology-enhanced-learning
  • Committee member on the MQ Central Courtyard L&T Committee
  • Keynote presentation at the Nanyang Technology University and EON Reality Future of Education Global Summit: “How is AR and VR changing the future of classroom content?”, Singapore, 25th April 2019. https://youtu.be/fmw9cxPP4Hg
  • Panelist for the NTU EON Future of Education Global Summit “What will the classroom of 2030 look like for the student of the future?” Singapore, 25th April 2019
  • Panelist for the NTU EON Future of Education Global Summit “Creating active and collaborative learning environments using future technologies” Singapore, 25th April 2019
  • Member of the MQ Program Illuminate Steering Committee for microcredentialing (March 2019)
  • Selected by NESA to be on a panel to provide consultative feedback on the new NSW Integrated Computing 7-10 Syllabus  (March 2019)
  • Keynote presentation at the ICTENSW 2019 annual conference “Digital Technologies and Technology Integration – Research and Perspectives” (16th March 2019).
  • Consulted by Lise Barry, Head of L&T for the Faculty of Arts, about revisioning the use of technology throughout their programs.
  • Organised training for permanent and casual staff on the use of Prowise Interactive Whiteboards across our programs (5th March 2019)
  • Appeared in The Educator, 18th February 2019: https://www.theeducatoronline.com/au/news/smartphone-bans-impractical–expert/260446
  • Department member on the FHS workload committee for 2019
  • Appeared as expert in SMH article 29th January 2019: https://www.smh.com.au/education/stem-focus-leaves-kids-vulnerable-to-dark-arts-of-fake-news-expert-20190125-p50tmp.html
  • Part of the 2019 Computer Science Education Research Conference Program Committee (Cyprus, November 2019, https://www.ou.nl/web/cserc)
  • Appeared as an expert in SMH article 13th of December 2018 https://www.smh.com.au/politics/nsw/mobile-phones-to-be-banned-from-nsw-primary-schools-20181213-p50m2g.html.
  • Presented at the international eExam symposium at Monash University: Hillier, M., Fluck, A., Bower, M. (2018). Transitioning towards authentic assessment pedagogy (24th November 2018)
  • Presented at the Association for Educational Communications and Technology Annual Conference in Kansas City as part of the receipt of the Design and Development Outstanding Book Award for my book Design of Technology-Enhanced Learning – Integrating Research and Practice  (26 October 2018)
  • One of three academics invited to provide feedback on the NSW Educational Standards Authority Stage 6 Technologies new curriculum directions (23rd October 2018)
  • Hosted a national eExams symposium and workshop “Transforming Exams – a Scalable Examination Platform for BYOD Invigilated Assessment” presented by Matthew Hillier (21st September 2018)
  • Acting Head Research for Department of Educational Studies (18 September – 13 October, 2018)
  • Presentation to NSW Department of Education Big Schools Network principals (30th September 2018)
  • Appeared in article in SMH on 21st of August 2018: https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/coding-to-be-mandatory-in-primary-early-high-school-20180817-p4zy5d.html
  • Appeared on ABC Radio Newcastle Drive program with Paul Bevan about the review of mobile phones in schools (22 June 2018)
  • Appeared on ABC Radio Far North Queensland Breakfast Show with Kier Shorey about the review of mobile phones in schools (22 June 2018)
  • Represented the Australian Council of Deans of Education on the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority NAP ICT-Literacy Assessment Forum (18th June 2018)
  • Comments appeared in a SMH article on technology in schools (5 June 2018): “The wheels are falling off technology in schools: Microsoft”
  • Keynote speaker for the Teacher Librarian Professional Learning Community Annual Conference “The potential of emerging augmented reality technologies for education” (18 May 2018)
  • Contributed to MTeach Design and Development discussions
  • Presented to the Department of Educational Studies on Effective Assessment using Grade Descriptors (2nd May 2018)
  • Consulted on the development of the new NESA SDD and IPT courses with Anthony Romero and Mark Tyler (1 May 2018)
  • Presented to the Australian Council of Deans of ICT (L&T) annual symposium on the topic “Digital Technologies and Pre-Service Teacher Education” (6 April 2018)
  • Presented at the Parramatta-Blacktown Primary Principals Conference on “Makerspaces in K-2 classrooms – Research outcomes” (28 March 2018)
  • Invited by Australia’s Chief Scientist (Alan Finkel) to provide feedback on the STEM Dashboard the Office of the Chief Scientist was considering for release (March 2018)
  • Prepared the Australian Council of Deans of Education response to the Optimising STEM Industry-School Partnerships Forum Issues Paper (chaired by the Australian Chief Scientist, Alan Finkel, 8 March 2018)
  • Keynote speaker for the Scholarship of Technology-Enhanced Learning conference, with the presentation “Scholarly Technology- Enhanced Learning in Practice – What it means and how to do it”. Auckland, New Zealand (16 February 2018)
  • Presented to the Australian Council of Deans of Education Board on the ACARA Technologies Curriculum and the STEM Industry-School Partnerships Forum Issues paper (16 February 2018)
  • Member of the Department of Educational Studies Research Committee (December, 2017 onwards)
  • Hosted Learning Technology Research Cluster Symposium on “Computational thinking and computer programming education” by Kay-Dennis Boom and Jennifer Lai (29th November 2017)
  • Member of the MQ Peer-led Learning Spaces Resource Development Working Group (October 2017 onwards)
  • Mentor and host to Dorothy DeWitt from the University of Malaya under the Endeavour scholarship program (awarded 7th of November 2017, taking place from 22 February to 20th June 2018)
  • Invited presentation by PVC L&T to visiting academics: “E-exams at Macquarie University” (13 October 2017)
  • Hosted LTRC session: “Video analysis of pre-service teacher and mentor collaborative planning” by Anja Augsdörfer from University of Hamburg (10th October 2017)
  • Hosted Anja Augsdörfer from the University of Hamburg as a visiting fellow in order to strengthen relations and initiate projects (3 October – 20 October 2017)
  • Featured as the And Gladly Teacher of the week on 24 August 2017 http://teche.ltc.mq.edu.au/human-science/teacher-week-matt-bower/
  • Represented the Australian Council of Deans of Education at the Australian Curriculum – Technologies – Initial teacher education forum (31 August 2017)
  • Created and shared a collaborative assessment moderation spreadsheet template for use across the Department (15th August 2017)
  • Led a Department session on managing collaborative assessment moderation (8th August 2017)
  • Reported on the first BYOD e-Exam trial at Macquarie University on the Teche blog at http://teche.ltc.mq.edu.au/macquarie-university-runs-first-trial-byod-e-exams (20 July 2017).
  • Led a Department session on the design of assessment rubrics in conjunction with Rod Lane and Mark Carter (2 May 2017)
  • Led a MQDoES session on using social media to promote research (11 April 2017)
  • Led the development of the MQDoES Communication Strategy (March 2017)
  • Part of the MQ Learning Technologies and Spaces Committee (April 2016 – June 2017).

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