Macintosh workshop

The Mac workshop I attended today was most informative and covered the following Mac apps:

  • iTunes: can also be used as a content manager for PDFs as well as audio (but not all file types).
  • iPhoto: Using faces and places in iPhoto users can identify people using facial recognition and Google maps to identify locations for the photos. It is then possibel to build a map of where all photos were taken using Google maps (but not possible to create a shared repository for a group of students say).
  • iWeb: Create web pages which can be published to MobileMe (.mac accounts), ftp server or desktop.
  • iWorks: This basic Apple office suite is $75 for education users and contains Keynote, Pages, and Numbers (as described below).
  • Pages: has an online collaborative editing feature that would be great for shared student authoring and has export/import compatibility with Word – lots of great templates too.
  • Numbers: provides a basic spreadsheet.
  • Keynote: allows users to add audio, publish to iTunes (for viewing audio), export to Quicktime, PPT, PDF, images, HTML, and iPod.
  • Garageband: allows you to drag and drop images/keynote slides on top of audio recordings and adjust timings. It is possible to export to m4a (playable within quicktime or browsers with quicktime plugins) format. Ipod broadcasts from iTunes can be imported into GarageBand and edited.
  • Front Row: cmd-option-escape brings up Front Row which displays all your movies, music, photos etc from i-life.

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