Open Education – Kurtis Bonk presentation at EDMEDIA

Excellent presentation that covered items such as:

  • Opensource Opencourseware Prototype System voluntarily translating courseware such as MITs open coursware
  • TUFTS, Indian Institutes of Technologies, National Repository for Online Courses (NROC) Commons
  • December 2007 Cape Town Open Education Declaration
  • Israel starts first free online university
  • “Google Sky”
  • The complete works of Darwin and Shakespeare are now online (MIT, Google).
  • “Ustream” allows stream presentation, can advertise link on Twitter, put on blog, capture large audience.
  • Queen and Dalai Lamause Youtube, President Twitters.
  • “Global Nomads Group” – students talk with other students, use with “Dot Sub” to put subtitles on.
  • “Scribd” is like youtube for docments, one of the top 150 websites in world, people can comment on.
  • LibraryThink, online book/library club
  • “Voxopop” threaded audio discussions.
  • “EPALS”

Worth looking up the course notes on this one. Has a free online book

Slides at

Papers at

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