NSWCEG Keynote Greg Whitby

Talks about:

  • Teachers are excited but students are bored
  • Moving from nouns “school” to verbs  “schooling”
  • Builds the educational process around a theory of action: System learning surrounds school learning surrounds teacher learning surrounds teacher teaching surrounds student learning
  • Refers to Hatties work on “visible learning” which is the synthesises literature on learning over the last two decades.
  • Personalisation of the learning process for students
  • Schooling first questions: is the child ready, how does the child learn
  • w^5 = a^4 – t^2    : Who learns What with Whom When and Where = Anywere, Anytime, Any Place Any Device – TimeTable
  • Talks about inviting teachers and students to engage with the school – it is at their discretion whether they become a part of the school (St Marks)
  • Mobiles are the studio, youtube is the stage, the internet is the community
  • Children search on youtube rather than google because they can find someone to show them
  • Teacher as a source of information -> teacher as a source of education:
  • Collaborative architecture where students can share, contribute, create

About matthewbower

Professor at Macquarie University.
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