DePhillipa Levy: design and co-design for inquiry-based learning

(Keynote speaker at the LAMS 2009 conference)

  • Emphasis on research as part of the tertiary learning experience
  • Gaps in the role of technology as a means of integrating research, teaching and learning.
  • Desirable outcomes of tertiary ed include “critical being” (Barnett) “epistemic fluency” (Goodyear) – “different ways of thinking about creating new knowledge” Goodyear and Ellis (2007, Teaching as design)
  • Self-authorship – intrapersonal, interpersonal, and epistemological (google for these terms to find research paper)
  • Providing students with the opportunity to frame and pursue their own inquiry.
  • LAMS as a tool for supporting student inquiry, allowing students to design and manage their own inquiry processes
  • Four modes of inquiry (imagine graph):AB Producing       BB Authoring
    AA Identifying      BA Pursuing

Excellent paper – should get slides!

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