ASCILITE 2010 – Wednesday

Publishing and Perishing: The critical importance of educational research design

Tom Reeves, Susan McKenney, Jan Herrington
[Get slides if possible – excellent!]

Tom provides a range of evidence for why traditional controlled experimental approaches won’t work in educational research.

Payne talks about the “clinically depressed” and “demoralised” nature of urban schools.

Educational design research – new book – but does refer to the Banner-Ritland (2003) figure which compares the phases of different research designs to design based research. Tom Reeves has a chapter in that book.

Moving Forward with Moodle

Mark Drexler, Netspot

Metacourses can be used by a Department or a Faculty to create a space for student announcements, discussion, etc.

[Me: Some possibilities I’ve found for helping with the development of Moodle Realtime Quizzes: ]

Final presentation – World of Warcraft

Martin Oliver

Crack article: 5 creepy ways video games are trying to get you addicted:

  • Putting you in a skinner box
  • Creating virtual food pellets for you to eat
  • Making you press the lever
  • Keeping you pressing it forever
  • Getting you to call the Skinner box home

Checkout the Digital Games Research Association ( )

Checkout “Deus Ex” game that teaches (in part) morals, human attraction etc in a morale dilemma framework

“The authenticity of the environment is not the same the authenticity of the task.”

Affordances is a problematic term, ambiguous and doesn’t aptly explain learning or culture.

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