Stephen Heppell talk at Macquarie University 17th March 2011
Stephen inspires about the ability of learning to astonish, engage, the joyfulness of learning. Simple but deep ideas like children taking socks off to feel more at home, students who are caught being good and add what they’ve done to the praise box.

It’s all about fun and creative spaces and ideas.

At university, creative spaces ,ilecture turning students away. PDF – Pretty Dull Stuff.

21st Century Schools change expectionals, entitlements.
Collegiality mutuality peer support et al need new community spaces
Change is occurring because it works better – retention, completion, engagement, ingenuity, creativity, collaboration…

Measuring creativity. What is the equivalent to a 1500 word assignment.
• Managing an online discussion for a week.
• Editing a 2 minute video
• Scripting and posting a 3 minute podcast
• Authoring an animated diagram in Flash
• Annotating 10 website links
• 750 words with 1 AR object embedded
• 500 word webpage with SMS comments

Exhibitions as a way to generate authentic stages for student production – having an artwork hung at Art Express is better than As in a student’s marks. Community installations also possible.

Hughes pairing – having students mark 3 assignments each get a better ranking than triple marking.

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