Ideas for integrating Social Networking into a unit website

Brainstorming session with Mauricio Marrone

1. Insert a FB Social Plugin discussion

  • Facebook Social plugin for discussions is not assigned to any particular FB account. Cannot add a FB discussion plugin that is from a FB group
  • FB social plugin can be inserted into any web page, and the post that people make can also appears on their FB wall (and is announced to their friend) depending on whether they select that option
  • Must nominate a URL if you are going to start a FB Social plugin discussion.
  • Good for initiating a sense of community
  • To embed just go to and follow the instructions to insert a FB Comment.
  • Note: cannot use the FB subscription tool as it relates to subscribing to people within FB

2. Insert a Twitter feed

  • For instance, a convenor might want to capture every twitter comment relating to EDUC261.
  • This can be done either by
    • A) grabbing the search widget from the My website section of and inserting it into a section of a unit website, or
    • B) using the Twitter block that comes built in with your LMS (say Moodle)

3. Insert a Disqus feed

  • See for a plugin that enables people to create a comment platform / community on your website. Allows for full integration with Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Interesting question – what are the different advantages and disadvantages between a Facebook Social Plugin discussion and a Disqus discussion?


Important that the embedded functionalities are purposeful and useful to students.

From cloud to Moodle

  1. Capture all tweets and have them appear in a sidebar of Moodle (done in 2 above)
  2. Capture FB comments and activity (in EDUC261 FB group, say) relating to EDUC261 and have them appear in Moodle (?)

From Moodle to cloud

  1. People receiving Moodle announcements, discussion activity etc in their FB (for example 1. Insert a FB Social Plugin discussion, investigate Moodle plugin)
  2. People receiving Moodle announcements, discussion activity etc in their Twitter (retweet? Twitterfeed?)

Other ideas/questions:

  • What is the bet way to conceptualise what we are trying to do using FB, Twitter, and other SN (eg is it just about capturing FB and Twitter within LMS, as well as pushing out LMS activity to FB & Twitter, or are there are other ways to think about what we are trying to achieve?
  • How to make the most of the Photo/Video/Docs/AskQuestion features of the EDUC261 FBgroup

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