MQ Research Discovery Grant Guidelines

Grant runs from 1.07.2012 to 30.6.2014

Kickoff grant to do research that enables people to apply for grants. Changes to proportions in 2012:

  • Aims, significance, innovation and outcomes (includes National Benefit) 20%
  • Approach and methodology (20%)
  • Role of personnel and Training (10%)
  • Strategy and schedule for attracting external funding (10%)
  • Track record (40%)

Applicant must be here for time of grant (so if JK was on then we would need to complete by October next year when her contract runs out). Can have other CI or PI from other institution, but they will not get any funding.


  • DONT exceed page limits and word limits (otherwise ineligible)
  • 12 point font, 10 points for reference
  • Save final version as a different name to remove track changes
  • Delete all instructions

Panel will be concerned if:

  • Panel comes from across the university, so don’t use too much jargon.
  • Check grammar and spelling
  • Collaboration between ICs is poorly described, details of the roles.

Track record of all applicants relative to career stage and opportunity: max 0.5 pages so provide any evidence.
Publications since 2007 are eligible.
Cannot provide submitted but not accepted articles.

Project title – short descriptive, no more than 150 characters (20 words)
Project summary – plain language, no kargon, summary of aims, significance and expected outcomes, no more than 750 characters (approximate 100 words).

Project description (4.5 pages – 50%)
Background blurb not worth anything but does set scene.
Aims, Significance and Expected outcomes. Make aims integrated and clear.
Approach and Method 20%
Strategy to attract funding 10%

Personnel (detailed costing)
Teaching Relief (strongly justified and detailed)
Munor equipment (<$1000
Travel – directly related to project
Visiting researchers (interstate or international during grant period but not for general networking, contributing to project outcomes)

Budget justification: link budget items to specific aims and methodology. Why these items are essential.

Research strategy: relate to long term research strategy. Don’t hesitate to describe research weaknesses.

Research funding: previous grants from 2010 to 2014.

Previously, 76% success rate, almost all money approved. Available budget: $710K

Contacts: Georgina Chinchen

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