Massive Open Online Courses – A new model for Macquarie

In reflecting upon what makes for a good Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and how to innovate in this already rapidly developing frontier, an integrated design set occurred to me. It involves the following elements:

  1. Prescribed readings
  2. Short multimedia lecture presentations on the different topics, the shorter the better, up to a maximum of 15 minutes (Youtube, or similar)
  3. Tutorials run through LAMS sequences embedded in Moodle – this has the advantage of offering synchronous MOOC activities
  4. Extra support sessions (live) run through a web-conferencing system such as Adobe Connect
  5. Course run through Moodle, with enrolled Macquarie students in one instance and non-Macquarie self-registered students in another instance
  6. Forums and chat for each topic to enable troubleshooting support
  7. Twitter feed running continually
  8. Facebook sister site
  9. Exam run through Moodle/LAMS
  10. Non-Macquarie self-registered students  can choose to pay (at any stage) and hence have the assessment elements marked and have completed the subject (non-award or OUA?)

A range of Marketing, Business, Finance, Legal and Enrollment issues to consider. Also need to consider scheduling – how to offer the synchronous learning experiences to a large cohort of potentially internationally located students.

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