Cont: Augmented Reality Symposium at the Inspire Institute (University of Canberra) Friday

Rob Manson – BuildAR for Geolocation AR

  • Need a copy of LayAR on your mobile device to detect.
  • Can have triggers based on proximity, for instance start playing a sound.
  • In LayAR once you have a dev account you can trick your phone to think that you are in a different location, for debugging and off-site production purposes.
  • Limitations with the accuracy of geolocation, particularly inside. Also problems with altitude as you need line-of-site to three satelites. Often gets more accurate over time as the location becomes more specifically determined. Over time this accuracy will improve (e.g. 2-5yrs).
  • Can pull Flickr feed into BuildAR (including geotag data) so images can be part of an AR experience – then could do something like an excursion where students take photos, upload to a Flickr feed, and then photos automatically added to a geomap (and rich media triggers etc can be added later)
  • IEEE run a conference called ISMAR (International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality) around October – last conference Scene Reconstruction using a lot of different libraries Moving Average Reconstruction. Can lock the underlying 3D model and then impose movement as a different layer.
  • “Slam” also takes feedback from sensors and the environment and enables 3D reconstruction
  • Kinect has lots of possibilities, but also USB devices that you can plugin to computer and use haptic input.
  • KinectFusion is going to release as a set of open source libraries that make Scene Reconstruction possible and then apply physics engine over the top to have simulated objects interacting with the environment:
  • Photosynth is a system that is drawing together social networking images (eg on Flickr) and reconstructs 3D models from it
  • Rob Manson is undoubtedly a world expert in this area.

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