How to present wirelessly using your ipad

Hi. This took a little bit of time to work out so I thought I’d quickly share how you can present wirelessly using your ipad.

  1. Make sure your computer is attached to the Internet and then setup an ad-hoc wireless network from your computer (for instance, instructions for a Mac can be found at ). It is not essential to setup an adhoc network because in some cases you can simply just run off a wireless network available in the room where you will be presenting. However, I recommend setting up an ad-hoc network with Internet sharing from your computer because this safeguards you against third-party wifi or firewall issues.
  2. Turn Internet Sharing on so that your ipad will be able to use your computer for Internet access (see ) and note that I often have to select a different channel such as 1 or 6 to get Internet Sharing to work for me.
  3. Download an Airplay application such as Reflection App ( or Airserver ( and install it on your computer. Note that Airserver runs Keynote more intuitively than ReflectionApp.
  4. On your ipad (V2 or V3 only) double-click on the menu button and scroll the dock one screen to the left to access the general controls. From here you should be able to access a little airplay button and you should be able to select your computer. Make sure that mirroring is set to “On”. You should be streaming the audio-visual from your ipad to your computer.
  5. Plug your computer into a data projector (via the video out port) and speakers (via the headphones port, say) and now everything from your ipad should be received by the audience via your computer.

And that’s it!

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