ICEM 2012 Conference – 27-29 September

First speaker John Hedberg “New times, new tools, but has the emperor got clothes?”

Keynote by Grainne Conole

  • Video with contemporary statistics on the impact of social media:
  • Book: What you really need to know about the internet – From Gutenburg to Zuckerberg
  • Open University Open University Learning Design Initiative (OULDI) Carpe Diem at Leicter combined forces to create the 7C’s framework: Conceptualis, Capture, Create, Communicate, Collaborate, Consider, Consolidate

Learning Design Symposium 1

  • “Bridging the gap between the theory and practice of advanced pedagogies and teacher collaboration” Eva Dobozy – a great paper comparing different definitions of learning design and the research orientations (pedagogical, technical) of different papers from all LAMS conferences. Worth looking up.
  • “Learning and design with online real-time collaboration” | Michael Stevenson & John G. Hedberg. Analysis of collaborative writing with deBono’s hats assigned as roles (assigning roles, Alternatives, benefits, limitations, feelings, organisation, white).

Daniel Churchill – Mobile Learning

  • Developing Apps from Learning Objects. Developed a taxonomy of Apps.
  • RASE model of learning design – Resources, Activity, Support, Evaluation
  • Working on a mobile device that tracks eye movement



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