ICTENSW 2019 Conference

Tech Girls Are SuperherosDr Jenine Beekhuyzen

  • Founder of the Tech Girls are Superheros movement #TGM
  • Series of books that have been distributed
  • Jenine says research indicates girls opt out of STEM at 6 years old (Jenine thinks that it is often younger than this)
  • Therefore, we need to address the issue of girls in STEM early
  • Doesn’t really care about the acronym (STEM, STEAM etc)
  • Nearly 40% of Y6 and Y10 students did not reach proficient standard in ICT literacy (ACS Digital Pulse 2015 report)
  • “Equality is the goal, equity is the process”
  • Research findings:
    • Boys are more influenced by teachers, and girls are more influenced by parents.
    • Stereotype threat – being at risk of confirming, as a self-characteristic, a negative streotype about one’s social group (Steele & Aronson, 1995)
    • “Gender biases distort the meritocratic evaluation and advancement of students, interventions targeting instructors’ biases and are particularly needed” (Moss-Racusin et al, 2016)
    • Traditional teaching methods will not support STEM instruction, [recommend] an integrated curriculum…. (missed)
    • Out of school STEM experiences can influence career development and STEM persistence
    • Counterspaces – importance of contexts in facilitating processes that results in wellness among marginalised individuals (Case & Hunter 2012)
    • The single sex environment is not as important as the pedagogy in influencing girls attitude (Hughes, 2013)
  • Nearly half (48%) of the computer programming jobs will be made redundant in the next 5 years (could not read source).
  • Search for the next tech girl hero competition: https://www.techgirlsmovement.org/

Cybersecurity in the curriculum – Nicky Ringland from Australian Computing Academy

Green screening: Skill enabled creativity – Rolf Kolbe

  • Resources for presentation available at: http://bit.ly/ictenswkolbe, http://bit.ly/pptanimations
  • Greenscreen Tools: Touchcast Greenscreen, Greenscreen by DoInk ($4), Veescope
  • In iMovie whenever you drop one video over another it automatically inserts the greenscreen effect (can choose bluescreen)
  • Place an image or a video as the background, and then as you record or import a video, any green will show the background image or video. Can have more than one video overlayed (so different greenscreen foreground videos) and can also resize and rotate the foreground videos. Only need a bit of background to be green because has tools to crop out non-green or unwanted video.
  • Powerpoint:
    • you can storyboard as a PPT, record narration as you move through the slides, then save as video. Then any green in the Powerpoint can be used for greenscreen video.
    • Powerpoint has picture format tool – remove background with tool to select and customise – quite efficient and simple.
    • Can animate image using PPT animation features, eg path animation, with green background, and then have an animation that can be overlayed over another background.
    • Powerpoint can save as MP4, MOV, PNG, etc
    • Note need to update PPT to most recent version.
  • Could also do an ExplainEverything using a green screen background for an explanation and then overlay on video
  • Also check https://www.bitmoji.com/ to make personalised emojis.

Smart Garden using Micro:Bit – Martin Levens (ACARA)

  • Micro:Bit has a USB-C, Reset, Bluetooth Low Energy transmitter, accelerometer, etc See https://microbit.org/
  • Several different ways to code the Micro:bit, but primary way is using the http://makecode.microbit.org interface.
  • The web-based emulator can do pretty much everything that the physical device can, meaning children can code at home.
  • Can search code elements.
  • There are Excel plugins for the Microbit.
  • Can also measure voltage, which is a way to measure the water content of the soil, and therefore can write a program to water the plant when the reading is below a certain level.

What a great conference!!

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