Tom Reeves – Keynote EDMEDIA

Tom Reeves presentation:

Kirschner, Sweller, Clarke (2006) Why minimal guidance during instruction does not work….. (provocative paper – lookup)
Tom points to Conative domain (will, desire, drive, intention….) as a major deficate of the Cognitive Load Theory.
Cognitive (to know) – Affective (to feel) – Conative (to act)

Conditions for quality random experiment:
1. is there a control group
2. Are the groups assigned randomly
3. if a matched study, are the groups extremely similar
4. Is the samele size large enough
5. are the results statistically significant

Book: “Declining by degrees” says the most shocking aspect of tertiary education is the “non-agression pact” between academics and students.

NSSE survey: average 7 hours of f-2-f teaching for research universities (11 for community colleges).

Tom recommends a book “Educational Design Research”. He will be writing a book with Jan about how to do it!

Tom, Jan, and Ron believe that it’s the task that matters most.

Tom recommends that we need to overcome the cult of self-esteem, make grades meaningful again, focus on quality rather than quantity.

Tom recommends Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – an inquiry into values.

Get Tom’s slides – great!

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