Conference concept – Research on Technology in School Education Australasia

There is no technologies in school education conference in Australasia. It would be useful to have the ICT Innovations Centre host such a conference.

Some possible conference names:

  • Research on ICT in Schools Australasian conference (RICTSA)
  • Research on Technology in School Education Australasia (RTSEA)
  • Research on Technology Enabled Learning in Schools Australasia (RTELSA).

There are several directions educational technology research can take:

* There is some research that can be based on improved interfaces (hardware, software, eg multitouch, multi-user smartboards) TECHNOLOGY
* Others focuses on improved access to content (Knowledge bases, archives eg globaltelescope) CONTENT
* Improved access to others (eg Google Wave, Web-conferencing) INTERACTION

BUT these should all be focused on another more important underlying question – what is it that students are learning LEARNING and how do the approaches improve what they learn PEDAGOGY.

The PEDAGOGY is the management of the TECHNOLOGY, CONTENT, and INTERACTION, and this affects LEARNING.

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