Australian Awards for University Teaching Presentation – Jean Brick

Citations for outstanding contributions to student learning and awards for teaching excellence

Due date: April 30

  • · Citations use one or two criteria, Awards use all of them.
  • · What they wanted to see was the way students, teachers and teaching philosophy were brought together at all stages.
  • · Important to get across a subject that is sometimes difficult to people who may not feel confident in the area.
  • · Talking about aligning objectives, curriculum and assessment so that students are set-up to succeed.
  • · Put students in an active role – what I do (agent) to have students act in particular ways that facilitates their learning.
  • · Not making a big deal if students don’t understand – create an environment where it is OK not to know but where students are enthusiastic to find out.
  • · Make sure teachers actions and students actions are included at all points and linked.
  • · Talk about giving students learning strategies.
  • · Talk about difficulties encountered and solutions.
  • · Characterise learners in a positive light.
  • · Concrete examples of how I operate.
  • · How do you situate yourself in terms of students and student learning?
  • · A blasting philosophical argument.
  • · Students as coming to life rather than recipients.
  • · Don’t focus on the materials but rather on how the teacher and students are coming to life by virtue of the materials.
  • · Talk a lot about people, giving concrete examples.
  • · But have a sophisticated philosophy about looking at the subject and what it can achieve.
  • · Note the difference between applying for promotion (which is more evidence based) and applying for an award (which emphasizes student actions)
  • · Interspersing quotes from students, that show how I’m doing what I’m doing.
  • · Potentially collect reflective evidence in your class as a way to improve the quality of student feedback harvested.
  • · Build an argument to demonstrate the central thrust of what my teaching is about – present how the parts contribute to the one theme.
  • · Short, sharp, direct, personal voice.
  • · Norman McCulla about awards where they observe you.
  • · Refer to document ALTC Award Program 2009 Assessment report and the award specification document at

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