Video Conferencing Summit


Mark Silva (ITS)
Chris Barrett (Senior Web Designer Marketing)
David Morgan (AVTS)
Fabianne Astora (AVTS)
Quinny Yang (Marketing)
Jenny Peasley (Library)
Hillary Beckmann (Sustainability OFM)
Ian Brew (Sustainability OFM)
Andrew Alprek (LibIT)
David Gandrel (U@MQ Digital Signage)
Maree Gosper
Elaine Huber
Rodney Grant (AVTS – has video conferencing)
Terrance Collins (Manager Learning Systems)
Marc Bailey (ITS)


  • We need an MQ style Youtube with a) flexible permissioning, b) variety of quality, c) file types and standards d) asynchronous or live streaming
  • Teachers and students need space
  • Research as well as L&T and signage

Other notes:

  • IGMP – Internet Group Management Protocol : Allows multicasting (streaming)
  • H264 – Advanced Video Coding (compression standard)
  • Silverlight – Microsoft plugin for browser multimedia
  • HTML5 – latest XML HTML standard for structuring and formatting information on the web
Value SI
1000 k kilo
10002 M mega
10003 G giga
10004 T tera
10005 P peta
10006 E exa
10007 Z zetta
10008 Y yotta

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Professor at Macquarie University.
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