Spiritual Society – A proposition for a trilogy

Today is my first day of annual leave in quite some time. I’m in Melbourne and it is a good time to reflect. Not only did I buy my first two recreational books in ages (The Audacity of Hope and The Hidden Brain), but I’m starting to think about ideas I would like to pursue for writing books.

For some time I have wanted to investigate relationships between the Bible, the Qar’an, and the Buddhist scriptures. I would like to draw out parallels, to strike at the fundamental similarities in those texts, and show that the differences are far less. As well, I am interested in drawing together research on the different areas of society (education, health, economics, justice and so on) and propose a vision for each of these areas.

But the third and final book I would like to write would integrate the findings from each of these. It would aim to show how the fundamental spiritual principles which are embedded in all of us can be used to inform how we construct and govern our society. While it could be structured in terms of different areas of society (education, health etc) and how our spiritual principles inform each of these, in order to emphasise the importance of starting with spiritual principles (honesty, love, forgiveness, etc) and to create an integrated work, the text should almost certainly be structured in terms of these principles and then show how these can underpin our different areas of society.

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Professor at Macquarie University.
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