Sydney Symposium for Teacher Education

Full program is available from:


  • Note that the Curriculum Corporation & merged to form Educational Services Australia
  • Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL):
  • AITSL has money to support technology integration into learning and teaching, but will not disseminate without referencing ACARA and ESA
  • David Saltmarsh: 101 reviews of education in Australia since 1976
  • Some great feedback on my presentation:
    • Search for “Classroom Action Research”
    • Two other advantages include helping pre-service teachers to better understand how to implement inquiry-based learning, and helping Education faculties to better understand which strategies work best (for instance by researching the efficacy of research-based learning).
    • Lookup “Teacher work sample methodology” – an approach to adapting teaching based on analysis of student products
  • Mobile devices: Wireless Universal Resource File allows the mobile device type to be detected (in the same way as it is possible to identify the computer type when sending an http request). The only limitation is that it is only for phones, not ipods.
  • “Augmented learning” – adapting learning based on student context, eg integrating authentic mobile data GPS, or providing them with media types that suit their preferences.
  • The importance of teaching education students with respect – understanding that they have a lot to offer.

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