NSW Teacher Education Conference Mon 6th June 2011

Hon. Adrian Piccoli, Minister for Education

  • Prioritising Indigenous education, remote and rural education, special education, K-3
  • Not supporting teacher bonuses
  • General impression: seems well intentioned, intelligent, although disagreed with some of the policies

Mr Patrick Lee, Chief Executive, NSW Institute of Teachers

  • ACDE has indicated that they would like an accreditation process based on outcomes rather than an inputs, and Patrick supports this.
  • Shouldn’t just be about increasing the number of placements, but also about improving the quality of placements in teacher education courses and schools

Prof Toni Downes, President, Australian Council of Deans of Education

Current work at school education level:

  • National accreditation of teacher education programs
  • Digital Education Revolution
  • Completion of some of National Partnerships Programs (Centres of Excellence) which are being evaluated
  • Indigenous Education Strategies (ECE and School Education)
  • Teach Australia, Teach Next etc (exploring alternative pathways to teacher education).

National Higher education development

  • indexation from 2012 onwards
  • Review of base funding
  • Uncapping UG, tightly managing PG load
  • Standards (TEQSA/AQF); ALTC Standards Projects
  • Social inclusion; teaching and learning
  • Research quality
  • Indigenous Teacher Education/Indigenous Education

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