SmartNotebook Interactive WhiteBoard training with Jason from Electroboard

Electroboard is the sole distributor of Smartboard in Australia. Some useful links:

There are a few differences between the old boards (600 series) and the new boards (800 series). The 600 Series has a touch system, pen tray etc but it is single touch. The 800 series is multitouch based on cameras detecting shadows, and different users can be doing different things. The 800 series has gesture based interaction like ipad (two finger zoom in, flick between pages, two-finger pan down the page. Recognises finger as pen, and fist as eraser. You need to be much softer on the 800 board than the 600 board because it uses a different system

Nice effects include:

  • touching a blank area and having text or image fade in
  • Running a colour strip behind white text to sequentially display points (written in white on white background, say)
  • Using magic pen tools such as draw a rectangle for moveable magnification, circle for magnification
  • Can drag a web image onto the notebook icon (in the dock) and it will open it straight up in Notebook to use
  • Screen capture to create links to websites (i.e. image of the website)
  • Creating page groups in order to organise work
  • Animate correct items on the board so that they (eg spin) when touched

Teaching ideas:

  • Students create a portfolio as SmartNotebook file and they can view at home by either using SmartNotebook Viewer, export to Word or export to PowerPoint
  • Use the Page Recorder for students to record their construction / thinking processes, either at the board, or at individual computers
  • Have your students use Youtube to search for instruction on how to use IWB

Issues, questions: Bridgit, Flash

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