ARC Linkage Grant with NTDET – notes from Colm meeting

The Australian Research Council Linkage Project Scheme provides funding for joint research projects between universities and industry partners. The ARC will fund up to the amount contributed by the industry partners. While up to 80% of the partner contribution can be in-kind, at least 20% must be cash.

It is possible to partner with individual schools, however for a coordinated project with several schools in the NT South region it would be logistically most feasible to partner with NTDET. Critical to these projects is that NTDET is an active and true partner, not only contributing funds but also involved in the implementation and decision making processes. The outcomes of the project should focus on achieving research objectives that are important to NTDET, so that once the project is complete they can autonomously utilise and draw upon results. This should extend to influencing educational policy.

Note that there is the potential to build an APAI PhD scholarship into the project (although this requires extra funding from the partner organisations). If the grant involves more than $40K per year for three years then in the past Macquarie has provided an MQRES scholarship for a PhD student to work in a related area. This can be used to fulfill the training obligations of the project.

The 2012 Linkage Project Funding Rules are available from
The Eligibility Exemption Request process is outlined at however it is rare that Government departments will receive exemptions because they have financial resources to draw upon (on the other hand individual remote schools could possibly be deemed as eligible).

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