Learning Design Symposium – 13th December 2011

Spiros: LOAT (Learning Outcomes Authoring Tool) enables teachers to choose a framework (Revised Bloom’s, Solo Taxonomy, etc) and then helps them to construct well composed Learning Outcomes. Integrated into LAMS servers.

Gregor: Has done quite a bit of work on Undesigned Learning, eg using Facebook. What students were doing was similar to what could be done within the LMS, but it was their space and the toolset plugged into their life.

Gregor: Ways of thinking about design:

  • Our tasks vs Their activities
  • Whole Task vs Trigger Activities
  • Formal vs Informal
  • Mandated s Voluntary
  • Our Tools vs Their tools
  • Designed vs Undesigned
  • Us vs Them
  • Learning vs Living

Apparently Sasha Barab talks about the four elements (C’s) of engagement: include Challenge, spark Curiousity, provide Context, offer Control

Emil Badliescu-Buga LAMS conference paper for some excellent conceptualisation about adoption of innovation: Aligning context, community and professional development for large scale adoption of Learning Design innovation. Great and deep literature review.



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