Differentiating the Curriculum using Technology with Beenleigh High School

I’m excited to be working with staff from Beenleigh High School on the Technology Enabled Assessment for Learning program. I’m anticipating that teachers will be interested in learning about ways to use Web 2.0 Technologies¬† along with student responses systems to differentiate the curriculum for their students.

The program will involve an initial two-hour interactive session where teachers learn about the potentials of Web 2.0 technologies (such as blogs, wikis and social bookmarking). This will be followed by a session outlining a Framework for Web 2.0 Learning Design. Some teachers will also participate in further sessions. These include 1) a creative design session where teachers are supported to design a learning episode that uses student response systems and Web 2.0 technologies to develop differentiated learning pathways for students 2) a development session where teachers are supported to construct a differentiated lesson, and 3) a reflective practice session where teachers share their ideas about differentiating the curriculum and providing feedback about the program.

By the end of the program it is intended that teachers will be more confident users of technology, as well as more capable in catering to different ability levels. One of the aims of the program is to investigate potentials and challenges when attempting to differentiate the curriculum, including issues arising and effective strategies for implementation. Studying this will provide valuable information for the educational community.

Really looking forward to this program!

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Professor at Macquarie University.
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