MQ Enterprise Partnership Pilot Research Grant

Meeting with Warren Bailey, 30th January 2012

  • Not offering ARC Linkage grants in the first part of the year.
  • 12 month projects to establish research partnership with a reasonable prospect of an ongoing project. Reasonable prospect is assessed based on the project being synergistic with the goals of the organisation.
  • Application forms on the web, matching dollar for dollar.
  • Warren is the gatekeeper for the scheme – 15 awarded last year.
  • Reasonable chances of success if meeting the criteria.
  • Assessed upon receipt.
  • Warren can help with the application.
  • Not only Linkage funding because they are becoming harder to obtain and offered less often.
  • Talk to Macquarie Institute of Advancement (headed by Mark Williams) look at potential for Foundation money.
  • Talk to Mark Wiggins to see if there is a Business Development Manager for Human Sciences who might be able to help source funds.

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