EduTech Asia 2019

Notes (see for interactive conference backchannel #edutechasia):

  • Check out Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) Singapore:
  • Google Education Platform includes: GSuite for Education, Google Classroom, CS First, Chromebook, Google Cloud Platform, Google Programs
  • Google education tools now starting to include AI for assessment and marking
  • Google have used Machine Learning and AI to provide tutoring with emotional engagement and significantly improve learning outcomes (SARA)
  • Google Unizin – uses anonymised data from 25 universities to identify students who are at risk of failure.
  • Abu breast cancer early detection inspiring high school video:
  • Benefits of XR: boosts interest/engagement, provides visualisations for physical environments, may improve knowledge retention

Pasi Sahlberg – The new digital divide

  • Pasi Sahlberg presents that in the last ten years we have seen a reduction in wellbeing due to anxiet,y depression, social challenges, behavioural disorders, addictions, suicidal behaviours inadequate sleep. At the same time increase in screen time.
  • Pasi is doing “Growing up Digital Australia” report to mirror the the Growing up Digital Alberta study.
  • Lower income children spend 8+ hours on screens while children from higher income families spend 6+
  • Is it that higher income families get more human interaction as part of their parenting?
  • Pew research centre shows that lower income households are likely to be impacted by the digital hopework gap (have to do their homework on a cellphone).
  • Three things that we need to do with children:
    • 1. Learn self-control
    • 2. Sleep better (Pasi wears a sleep ring!)
    • 3. Play more outdoors – at least one hour

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