Google Education Summit – 3rd December 2019

A summary of pertinent information from presentations is provided below.

Marie Efstathiou, Google

  • Approximately 75 attendees at the Google Computing Educator Summit this year – biggest ever.
  • The Google Computing Educator Professional Development Grants are being managed internationally by Marie Efstathiou. The grants next year will be focused on reaching underrepresented groups (e.g. Indigenous) that haven’t received the benefit of funding and PD rather than scaling to all people. Grants Open on the 26th of January 2020.
  • CSER offering free PD in every state (officer in each state)
  • “Grow With Google” program – Google is running workshops in every electorate in Australia – being led by Google Marketing – but also enables Google to run PD for teachers and workshops for students in more remote places in Australia.
  • CS First had over 100,000 participants for Australia and NZ – a huge outcome.
  • “Careers with Code” Magazine is the main career and employment outreach from Google (produced by Refraction Media)
  • Aiming to reach and inform new groups – politicians, parents, etc.

Kim Vernon, ACARA

  • Year 8 compulsory implementation of Digital Technologies Curriculum in 2020.
  • Online Safety curriculum connection forthcoming (13th December, 2019) based on gap analysis in collaboration with the eSafety Commissioner.
  • The Digital Technologies in Focus (DTiF) project had 9 curriculum officers and targeted 160 disadvantaged schools nationally. Uses a teachers as designers approach. Project has shown that school executive support is critical, finding the ‘why’ hooks are critical, helping with assessment and planning, working to understand the language
  • Follow via Twitter at @ACARAeduau

Tim Bell, New Zealand Curriculum Update

  • New Zealand new and revised DT content takes a breadth before depth, not to hard but not too easy, trying to find relevance
  • Due for implementation next year (2020)
  • Note: The New Zealand Higher School Certificate is called the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA)

Life Education Australia

Scrappy Marketing, Google

  • Focuses on how to market with zero budget
  • 71% of GenX turn to Youtube to learn how to gain a new skills
  • Videos with “how to” in title had 4.5 billion hours watch time
  • Always competing with other channels, so focus on stories not messages
  • Put videos online to help student who was sick – democretisation of education
  • Lookup:
  • Influencer marketing – target people and distribute through people who are already reaching your market

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